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About Cicada

About Cicada Education

Cicada has been supplying school retailers for over 32 years. We love learning and everything that helps educators and carers to encourage learning. During that time it is estimated that over 4 million Cicada products have been successfully used by around 100000 schools and childcare centres in the UK and beyond. Each school was supplied by one of our 200 school supply partners and retailers. Our reputation has been built alongside our customer and supply partners with a common vision.

  • Educational Relevance
  • Value for Money
  • Fitness for Purpose.
  • Timely Delivery.
  • Environmental Impact

All the products we select have been designed in collaboration with professional educators and tested under the toughest conditions……….. by real school and daycare children, their carers and teachers.

How we choose products

Cicada has chosen the ‘best of the best’ products from established and emerging educational brands from around the world. We have worked with our brand partners to ensure all the products included meet the latest relevant product safety and quality requirements. All the products are hand picked to ensure your customers have the best possible teaching resources to maximize educational outcomes for children of all cultures, genders, and abilities.

Partner Support

Our continued growth is built upon getting the right products to our customers, and then to the schools at the right price. We do this by holding stock in our two UK warehouses and giving our customers the choice of a UK and Pan European drop shipment, direct to their customer or into their warehouse, should they prefer.

Our job is to make your job easy. A full range of support is available to our customers, whether you operate a catalogue, sales force or website. All our product images and movies are available to you in print ready or web optimized formats, complete with full product descriptions ( in English ) ready to copy and paste into your pages. Our designers can even layout complete catalogues or individual pages for you.

If you are a manufacturer or designer of educational products looking for a drop ship distribution or import partner, we will happily guide you through the processes to ensure your brand is placed, promoted and maintained in the UK , European Union and Middle Eastern markets. Maximising your return and building your brand equity. Our list of brand partners should be reassure you that we are the best choice of distribution partner

Our aim is to provide the perfect tools for the school retailer, so that the correct product gets into the hands of teachers, at the correct price and with the service that the brand deserves.