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Make learning fun with Bramblewood

16 May 2018 | Cicada Education

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to encourage your little people – in your home, nursery or school – to learn? Want to enhance their enjoyment of education while developing everything from social skills and problem solving to counting and creativity?

Made with materials sourced from the natural world, our Bramblewood range is designed to captivate young minds – igniting creativity, inspiring role play and so much more. Read on to find out more about how Bramblewood will captivate learners in your educational environment.


How does Bramblewood help children learn?

Combining extensive experience of the educational market with an understanding of the value of heuristic play, we’ve conceived, designed and manufactured the Bramblewood range to encourage children to learn and develop.

It’s widely known that discovering and exploring real objects helps children make sense of the world around them. What’s more, role playing has been proven to form a vital part of children’s development.

Uniting these two crucial aspects of early years education, Bramblewood places fun and creativity at the heart of learning. By encouraging little learners to act out real and imagined scenarios, Bramblewood supports them as they develop everything from problem solving and social skills to confidence and empathy.

Bramblewood inspires little learners to embrace the natural world as they play, learn and develop. From fairy houses to wishing wells and stepping stones and woodland streams, the concept captivates and delights children in early years education and beyond.


How does Bramblewood work?

To provide a focal point for little learners, we’ve created four magical settings, each with their own family of fairy dwellers.


  • Will the Acorn House fairies be busy building bridges or relaxing in hammocks?
  • What special magical powers does the Toadstool House possess?
  • Can the Clock Tower House fairies make it to the top of the ladder without falling?
  • And will the Woodland dwellers ever get round to putting their garden in order?

Only the little people in your school, nursery or home have the answer!

Not only are the fairy houses of Bramblewood created using natural products. Every Bramblewood setting has a core range of natural accessories – pine cones, moss, branch offcuts and pebbles, for example – which little people can use in any way they choose.

In addition, there’s a Make-Believe setting, where children can use lotus heads, tree trunk slices, azalea branches and lotus heads (and much more) to create their own houses, tents, wigwams or underground network of secret passages.

You can choose your favourite setting, mix and match, or opt for all 5 to give your little people the ultimate opportunity to imagine and create their very own Bramblewood Hollows. Alternatively, the fairy families and a wide range of accessories – including the hammock, fence, post box and pebbles in blue and white – are available to buy separately.


What else makes Bramblewood different?

One of the most exciting and inspirational things about working with children is watching them use their imaginations in their own unique ways. We’d love to hear how your learners are using Bramblewood and would be grateful if you’d be willing to share their thoughts and ideas on where we could take the range next.

Perhaps they have an idea for another fairy family or dwelling? Maybe they’d like additional accessories?

We take an interactive approach to product development. Using your ideas and feedback as inspiration, we design, develop and discover new products to expand our Bramblewood concept and bring greater depth to our range.

But first things first. Explore the Bramblewood range and enjoy choosing the dwellings and accessories you think would most inspire the little people in your home or classroom.



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