Real World Stem Challenge Kits


Product details:Each kit includes 3 Challenges, and a Lesson Plan
Dimensions: Cards Measure 21.5 x 28 cm
Age Range: 5-10 years
Material: Various materials

Children learn to think like real scientists and engineers as they design, build and test. These kits are specially developed to introduce children to the STEM design process as a way to solve problems students will plan, build, test and then improve their designs until they are successful.

1. C1633 –  Challenge Kit KS3 -Age: 9 – 10 years

2. C1631 – Challenge Kit KS2 – Age: 7 – 8 years

3. C1632 – Challenge Kit KS1 -Age: 5 – 6 years




Stem Challenge Kit

KS2- 7-8 Years, KS2- 9-10 Years, KS1 -5-6 years