Water Lily Set Of 12


Product details: Islands x 8, Flat Bridges x 2 , Curvy Bridges x 2, Max load 40kg
Dimensions: Islands L 52 x W 52 x H 16.6cms, Flat Bridges – L 115 x W 26.6 x H 5.3cm, Curvy Bridges -?L 115 x W 26.6 x H 16.6cm

Age Range: 2 years +
Material: High Quality Plastic, Anti slip material

A unique set of balance equipment consisting of stackable islands and tactile bridges. 3 different textures on bridges and islands?(petals, bubbles, waves, ripples and sparkles) provide anti-slip safety for children. Curvy and flat bridges supplied to enhance physical coordination, dexterity and balance development.  Curvy bridges can be used both ways to create a high or low bridge