Gear Set


Product details: 2 x Large Gears, 6 x Panel Pieces, 2 x Handles and 4 x Small gears
Dimensions: Large Gears 52 cm , Panel Pieces 40cm x 40cm 2 x Handles 15cm x 27cm, Small Gear 30cm
Age Range: 2+ years
Material: High Quality Plastic

Enhancing gross motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling, and dismantling. This set is filled with innovative design features; both small and large gears fit into holes on the panels, handles fit into both sizes of flowers, and while turning there are no pinch points. We-Block Series grows with the child, this series includes Tactile Cube, Reflector Cube, Construction Tower and Gears, all the sets in the series can connect to make all levels of creativity.


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