Crystal Village


Product details: Set of 10 wooden numbered figures with matching numbered rings
Dimensions: Tall House Block L 2.7 x W 2.7 x H10.5 cm. Short House Block L2.7 x W 2.7 x H 5.7 cm. Roof Block 90? L 9.2 x 3 x 3.9 cm. Roof Block 60? L 9.2 x W 3 x H 3.9 cm
Age: 3 years +

The 6 Tall Houses and the 6 Short Houses make up a brilliantly coloured village allowing children to use their unlimited imagination. The House Blocks and the Roof Blocks can be played together or separately. From 2D to 3D construction, children’s concept of structure and fine motor skills are enhanced.
The concept of angles is introduced through the gameplay. Tops of the Houses are designed as 30 and 45 degrees while the Roof Blocks are 60 and 90 degrees. The translucent houses are in three primary colours. The Crystal Village is a perfect platform for children to learn primary colours and colour mixing.
When playing with light, the hollow shapes on the House Blocks create shadows in different colours. Children can also learn about the relationship between light and shadow through the game. Set includes 36 blocks, 6 double sided game cards